Aleta Crawford Art in Nanaimo

“My father was an artist and I think that before I could walk, my father had a paintbrush in my hand.  It was from him that I would learn an unapologetic love of line, movement and colour….as well as how to grow in my human and artistic expression.”

Abstract expressionist meets collage meets geometric.  Watercolour past- oil and cold wax future.  Acrylic and mixed media in the middle.  All genres loved and honourable.  All colours and textures appreciated.  No holds barred approach to art. Always pushing the edges.  The product is always new. The dark sides and the light sides are all celebrated – there would not be light without the dark. aleta crawford art in nanaimo, abstract art


Aleta is the featured artist at the Lantzville Art Gallery from July 23 to August 30, 2016.

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Inspired by worlds around her, Aleta uses the camera to catch ephemeral and poignant moments.  Most important is the emotional connection to the subject and image.  From wedding celebrations to death bed good-byes, her works are meant to invoke the passion of the moment – and honour its importance.