Art is a process

Art is a process.  With time and dedication, the process takes you to places you were meant to go . . . places you never knew.  In painting, I’m often pushing the edges of what a medium and various surfaces can produce. 

Art is healing, joyful, frustrating, comforting, challenging, Zen and more.  Art permits you to feel and explore deeply.   It is the ultimate self-indulgence and the harshest critic. Art does not have to be pretty to be art.  It does, however, have to speak to you in a way that only art can. 

Without an emotional response from the viewer, art is empty. Regardless of genre, images I create are part of the deeper human experience-from melancholy to contemplation to joy. 


Aleta Crawford Art in Nanaimo

Aleta’s camera captures the ephemeral . . . shutting out image noise and chatter to isolate the essence of the moment – delight or anguish -  creating an emotion in time that will remain perpetually pristine.

The viewer enters an internal dialogue with the image-from joyful noise to uncomfortable sadness.  The camera’s lens and the photographer’s eye immortalizes these moments for all to see.

  My father was an artist and I think that before I could walk, my father had a paintbrush in my hand.  It was from him that I would learn an unapologetic love of line, movement and colour….as well as how to grow in my human and artistic expression.

Aleta lives with her husband and four small puppies, in a small studio in a small town on a small island in the Pacific.

Her world is inspiringly rich with colour and texture-from the ocean’s shores to the rainforest green to the geometry of geology and architecture.

Born into an artist family, she was the second of six children-all artistic.

After a lifetime of art, as she works into the night in her studio, she believes that she is only the messenger.

Award winning educator in earth sciences and successful artist, she continues the joy of both professions.

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